Orford Ness Nature Reserve

Orford Ness has been composed using recordings from a three day field recording trip to Orford Ness Nature Reserve in July 2016 with Chris Watson and Jez Riley French. The site is of Special Scientific Interest with limited public access due to its history as an atomic weaponry testing site. The piece has been created using four recordings taken during my time exploring the hidden sounds on the Ness. Sounds have been minimally transformed in the studio to create a multichannel immersive sound experience that sculpts sound through space whilst capturing the sonic identity of the place.
This piece has been played at Perspectives on Listening 2017 (Brisbane), Balance Unbalance 2017 (Plymouth), Sound + Environment 2017 (Hull), Sound Thought 2017 (Glasgow), BEAST FEaST 2017 (Birmingham) and Audiograft 2017 (Oxford).
The piece was released as part of Frameworks no.609 edition in 2017.

Orford Ness Multichannel Installation at Balance Unbalance 2017

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